By 2030, China's urbanization rate may reach 70% to 80%. In the next decade, China's housing construction will exceed 6 billion square meters.

        In the future, the biggest opportunity for the furniture industry is the domestic urbanization construction. At present, China's urbanization rate is 45% (70% in developed countries). By 2030, China's urbanization rate may reach 70% to 80%. In the next decade, China's housing construction will exceed 6 billion square meters, with an average annual growth of 600 million square meters. In China, which is still in the period of housing improvement, about 10% of families need to decorate and add furniture every year. Every year, about 10 million farmers will become urban people. In the next few years, the annual growth of Chinese furniture will exceed 10%.

        Secondly, the growth rate of China's furniture export keeps above 30% per year on average, and the global furniture trade grows rapidly. According to the record of the General Administration of customs, from January to November 2010, China's furniture export reached US $29.52 billion, an increase of 32.7% year on year. Thirdly, there are only 380 million people using complete sets of furniture in China, and there are also one billion consumers. In addition to income, housing, population and promotion, the main factors promoting the development of furniture consumption are about 10 million couples getting married every year, and the white-collar class with an annual income of more than 100000 yuan is rising.

        All of these figures show that China's home furnishing industry is facing huge development opportunities. According to the analysis of the insiders, the development of furniture industry has always been very good. In the 30 years of reform and opening up, the growth rate of GDP is about 8%, while the furniture industry has been increasing at the rate of 20% - 30%.

        All aspects of data show that the home furnishing industry has a very broad development space. For production enterprises, distributors or circulation enterprises, it is important to consider how to seek breakthroughs to achieve the upgrading and transformation from extensive to intensive, strategic and large-scale.

        "After 20 years of development, China has become the world's largest furniture production country, the world's first export, domestic sales are also growing year by year." Zhu Changling, President of China Furniture Association, said, "our furniture industry is in the process of industrial structure adjustment, optimization and upgrading, and the furniture industry has entered a new stage of development - the process from quantitative development to qualitative development, focusing on adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure to achieve industrial upgrading."